Bedroom decorating ideas for mature people

This article will show you how to do the house decorating ideas for your room as a  mature person. If you like calm color, then you must follow what you want because most people not only prefer for a light pastel color for a bedroom but also calm color, so don't limit yourself. 

An accent wall can add a great deal to the appearance; one wall that is painted in a complimentary color or a different shade of the same basic color. A pastel green room, for instance, might have one wall painted maroon or a much darker green. Trim (baseboard, window and door moldings) might be the same; either painted a darker shade or a complimentary color. Ceilings are commonly white, but off white is also popular.

Take a look installing a new light fixture. A simple task that most homeowners can easily do themselves but that can again change the looks of a room. Although few decorators will advise a ceiling fan, this too can be very nice in a bedroom and provide a gentle breeze during hot summer nights. There are thousands of possible choices for either simple light fixtures or ceiling fans and there has to be something out there that will pique your interest. In addition, a ceiling fan with a light kit that is controlled by a remote means you can turn the light on and off from the bed and that can be a nice added feature for the elderly or disabled.

Cover plates for light switches and outlets also come in a wide variety of designs. This thing will give you the elegant house interior decor and design much more impress. Wood, different colors or shapes and stainless steel are commonly available. You might even consider replacing worn outlets or replacing switches that are failing with a different type; both are easy to change out.

If it is within the budget you might consider new flooring. Most bedrooms are not overly large and the cost of new carpet need not be exorbitant. Another possibility for your DIY bedroom makeover might be to install new hardwood flooring; engineered hardwood floors are not difficult to install and are fairly inexpensive.

New draperies and/or bed coverings are another good choice to look at when decorating a bedroom. As the bed is a major piece of furniture in the bedroom a new spread can change the look of the whole room, and the same goes for window treatments.

New wall pictures or paintings may be in order. Few people are interested in hanging a $10,000 painting on a bedroom wall where it will seldom be seen; pictures for a bedroom need not be expensive. Try to match paintings in some way; a collection of Thomas Kincaid prints or a group of forest scenes maybe. Pictures of Victorian towns or homes. Winter scenes. Something to tie them all together. Along with pictures, consider a whole wall mural. These are not expensive, can cover an entire wall with a single scene and can be extremely realistic. One poor lady had taken a picture of her kids on a seashore but could not remember doing it; it had been taken in front of a basement wall mural.

Bedroom theme for grown up people
  • A sea or ocean theme. Decorations from the sea; glass fishing balls, fishing nets on the walls, sea shells, a whimsical stuffed fish, paintings of ocean scenes, colors of blue, green and sand, a coconut tree painted on one wall.
  • Victorian theme. Victorian bedding, sheer and lacy window treatments, a Victorian night stand with lamp.
  • Forest theme. Painted in woodsy colors of browns and greens, lots of plants either real or plastic, paintings of forest scenes or animals, A ceiling fan with bamboo blades, a wallpaper mural with a forest scene.
  • Western theme. Sand colors, pictures of adobe buildings or national parks, an old dried skull on the shelf, cactus plant will make a perfect match with your splendid house.
  • Travel theme. An Eiffel tower on the dresser, pictures of foreign cities or sights, world maps, a road painted all around the walls leading to different scenes.

Bedroom decorating ideas for mature people

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